There is no one who does not dream. Dreams are necessary for the healthy continuation of human life.

It is important to have your dreams interpreted by the right interpreter. Incorrect interpretations make the dreamers unhappy.

Dreams are the gift of the Creator to humanity.

Nobody knows the future but the Creator. The Creator opens some windows about the future to the pure-hearted people through their angels.

Informs them in their dreams.

If a dreamer gets his interpretation from a well-known interpreter, he gets information about the unknown.

On the basis of important scientific discoveries, the states to be established, there are dreams and competent interpreters who interpret those dreams correctly.

Dreams are informative as well as directive.

At the turning points of human life or in the difficult moments, the Creator gives messages to his believers in their dreams in order to make them happy and give them hope; he helps them hold on to life, eliminates their despair and presents them with solutions to their problems.

He warns them. He paves the way for them to become a good person.

That’s why dreams are a great blessing for humanity.

It is the gift of the Creator.

The Creator says; “Man is asleep, dreaming. they wake up once they die ”.